Rachael Kay Gleason


Rachael is a Texas-born, New Jersey-raised and Michigan-educated lover of maps, coffee, yoga, good books and nerdy day trips. Called to storytelling and compulsive tree-climbing at a young age, she pursued a career in journalism to appease her wanderlust and document earthen wonders along the way. Rachael got her start as a strait-laced reporter covering community news, hurricanes and executions in East Texas. She traded inches for bytes in graduate school, calling on computer-assisted reporting skills to produce engaging digital reporting on Great Lakes environmental issues.

A camping enthusiast, Rachael packed up her belongings and moved to Midland to embrace “the West of her future.” She explored West Texas mountains and lonely border towns. She found a life among the pumpjacks and tumbleweeds. But big city life came calling – i.e. breakfast tacos and fancy grocery stores – and Rachael abandoned her West Texas drifter lifestyle to create digital interactives for the San Antonio Express-News. She was part of the team that broke the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in West Texas. 

Rachael currently puts her nerdy passion for maps and online journalism skills to good use as data journalist and digital storyteller for HoustonChronicle.com. Recent projects include "Serial Indifference," "Hacked" and the award-winning "Denied" and "55 Minutes."